3 Tips for Finding the Ideal Outdoor Wedding Venue for Snohomish Celebrations

outdoor wedding venue snohomishHolding your wedding outdoors is one of the most amazing ways to showcase the beauty of nature as part of your celebration of love. It’s why choosing the right venue is so important, since these are memories that will last a lifetime. Here are three tips for discovering the best outdoor wedding venue to begin your married life. 

Be Flexible on Dates

Getting married outdoors is a popular way to celebrate your nuptials, so you can expect that the venue you tour may have some dates already booked, especially if they cater to only one couple at a time. Instead of having a set date in mind, be open to choosing from among several available dates to get the venue you want. 

Realize That It May Rain on Your Wedding Day

Although you and your wedding planner are likely to have every detail buttoned up before the big day, Mother Nature is unpredictable. Select a location that offers you an alternative that you like in case it’s a rainy day. 

Trust the Advice of Your Venue Host

The host of your wedding venue has helped countless brides and grooms, so they know very well what works well and what doesn’t at their location. Trust their experience and be receptive to their ideas. They want you to have a beautiful wedding, too!

Do You Need a Spectacular Outdoor Wedding Venue for Snohomish Couples?

Olympic View Estates is a family-owned outdoor wedding venue with spectacular views, rustic-yet-elegant ceremony and celebration spaces, and attentive service to ensure couples have the day they’ve always dreamed of. Our venue is also the perfect place for special occasions such as corporate functions, reunions, anniversary parties and other events. With our years of experience and network of preferred vendors, we’re proud to offer you impeccable service in a heavenly location. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour!

A Picturesque Outdoor Wedding Venue for Snohomish Couples Seeking the Best for their Big Day

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Advantages of Having Your Outdoor Wedding and Reception at One Venue in Lynnwood

Outdoor WeddingAre you considering an outdoor wedding? You may have thought about having your wedding outdoors and then relocating the reception to an indoor setting. While this is understandable, there are multiple advantages of having the wedding and the reception in a single location. This is a matter to discuss in detail with your fiance and guests. Here are some outdoor wedding benefits to think about to help you make an informed decision.

1. Simplified Scheduling

Having a wedding and reception at two different locations can be difficult to plan. Finding two separate venues that are available on the same day can be quite difficult, especially during peak booking times. If you insist on two separate locations, then expect to move some dates and time slots around. A single outdoor venue for both the wedding and reception eliminates this problem and makes the scheduling so much more manageable.

2. Easy Transportation

If you decide on two separate locations, transportation can become an issue. Having guests drive for a second time after the wedding is a major hassle and time-consuming, not to mention some guests can get lost. Continue Reading →

Benefits of an Outdoor Birthday Party for Kids in Snohomish

Kids’ Outdoor Birthday PartiesIs your child’s birthday fast approaching? If you’re contemplating how to celebrate, kids’ outdoor birthday parties are a good idea. Invite friends and relatives for your special occasion in a happy get-together. Here are three awesome benefits of a celebration in an outdoor venue.

1. Beautiful Weather

An outdoor birthday party may be ideal if your child was born during the spring or summer when the weather is agreeable. In the modern era where kids spend far too much time on a tablet or smartphone, taking advantage of the great outdoors is a terrific way to appreciate the air and sunlight.

2. Wide Open Spaces

Outdoor venues are perfect for most gatherings, particularly when there is a lengthy guest list. Young children often want to invite dozens of friends over to their birthday parties. However, it may be difficult to accommodate large groups indoors, and it’s pricey to book larger facilities. In addition, having an outdoor birthday party provides an expanse of roaming space.

3. Gorgeous Setting

The great outdoors isn’t just a magnificent backdrop for weddings. As a parent, you want your children’s birthday to be unforgettable. You’ll likely want to snap dozens upon dozens of photos to capture the moment in time. Outdoor venues provide great photo ops due to the lighting and natural landscape.

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