Advantages of Having Your Outdoor Wedding and Reception at One Venue

Outdoor WeddingAre you planning an outdoor wedding? It may have crossed your mind to have your wedding outdoors and then relocate to an indoor reception area somewhere else. While this may seem logical, there are actually several benefits to having your outdoor wedding and reception at a single venue instead. Weighing your options is important. Make sure to take the time to discuss this matter carefully with your fiancé, family, and friends before making the final decision about this ever-so-important special occasion. Here are a few details to consider.

1. Simpler Scheduling

Settling on a single date for your big day can be difficult enough, especially if you’ve fallen in love with a popular outdoor venue with a full calendar. Imagine adding a second venue to the mix so that you must confirm its availability for the exact same day. This can quickly become complicated and frustrating. By choosing a single venue for both your wedding and reception, you can avoid a lot of scheduling issues.

2. Ease of Transportation

If you decide to have your wedding and reception in two different locations, it can make transportation problematic. It’s often difficult enough for guests to drive to a single destination. Asking them to return to their cars after the ceremony and find yet another will increase the difficulty, especially for those with mobility issues. Continue Reading →

Benefits of an Outdoor Birthday Party for Kids

Kids’ Outdoor Birthday PartiesDo you have a child with a birthday coming up soon? If you’re looking for a wonderful way to celebrate, you should seriously consider throwing him or her an outdoor birthday party this year. Bring your friends and family together for your special occasion in style. Here are three great benefits to selecting to celebrate your child with an outdoor birthday party.

1. Beautiful Weather

An outdoor birthday party may be perfect if your son or daughter was born during the spring, summer, or fall when the weather is pleasant. In this day and age where kids spend far too much time inside playing video or computer games, taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors is a fantastic way to enjoy the season.

2. Wide, Open Spaces

Outdoor venues are perfect for any event, especially when the guest list is long. Small children tend to want to invite as many friends and family as possible to their birthdays. But it’s often hard to host large groups at home, and it’s expensive to rent out larger facilities. What’s more, having an outdoor birthday party offers space to spread out.

3. Gorgeous Backdrop

The great outdoors isn’t just a stunning setting for weddings. As a parent, you want your child’s birthday to be memorable. It goes without saying that you and grandma, at the very least, will be taking loads of photos to capture the moment. Outdoor venues offer amazing picture opportunities, and you’re sure to love having so many natural backdrops. Continue Reading →