Common Outdoor Wedding Attire Complaints from Bridesmaids in King County

outdoor wedding attire, bridesmaid attire, bridesmaid dressAre you planning an outdoor wedding in King County, Washington? Every bride should take her bridesmaids’ attire preferences seriously, but this is especially true for outdoor events. Because you and your party will be out in the elements, you should take great care when selecting dresses for your girls. To help, keep the following common dress complaints from bridesmaids in mind as you plan your outdoor wedding in King County.

It’s the Wrong Style

The number one complaint from bridesmaids about their attire is that they are not the right style. Every woman has a slightly different build, which means that some dress styles suit them better than others. As a result, many brides let their girls select varying styles of a similar dress for their outdoor wedding.

It’s Uncomfortable

Comfort is everything during an outdoor wedding. Your bridesmaids will be wearing their dresses for hours; if you opt for morning/afternoon photos, they might have it on all day! Keep their comfort in mind when picking attire. Continue Reading →

Unique Bridesmaid Accessories for Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

bridesmaid accessories, outdoor weddingAre you planning an outdoor wedding in Snohomish, Washington? There seems to be an almost endless list of planning tasks to complete. With so many details to consider, don’t forget about your bridesmaids. Once you have picked the perfect dresses for your outdoor event, it’s important to select appropriate bridesmaid accessories to match. The following bridesmaid accessories will make perfect additions to your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.


Flowers make beautiful fashion accessories for bridesmaids and can really spruce up a simple dress. Consider giving your girls a corsage or having flower crowns made. Flower crowns are particularly appropriate for an outdoor wedding taking place in the spring.


If your outdoor wedding is scheduled for the winter, however, it might be best to provide a cover of some sort. Shawls and scarves are two more great accessories to consider. Not only are they fashionable, but your friends will greatly appreciate the additional layer. Continue Reading →

The Best Seasonal Fruits for Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

seasonal fruit, outdoor weddingHave you decided to have an outdoor wedding in Snohomish, Washington? If you plan to have your big day during the spring or summer, you might also want to consider incorporating some seasonal fruit into your plans. Fresh fruit is perfect for appetizers and various food dishes, as well as tasty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They also add a nice pop of color and might keep you and your guests cooler if temperatures are high the day of your outdoor event. Additionally, seasonal fruit can be extremely affordable. Consider incorporating one or more of these seasonal fruits into your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.


Cherries are perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially if you can find them without pits. Consider freezing the cherries first and then using them as an alternative to ice for drinks.


Nothing says “sweet and delicious” like strawberries. This seasonal fruit is very attractive, either whole or sliced. Consider offering them as a snack or a garnish at your outdoor wedding. Continue Reading →

Picking the Right Outdoor Wedding Shoes in Snohomish

outdoor wedding shoeAre you planning an outdoor wedding in Snohomish, Washington? While some venues offer concrete areas and decks, you will probably still spend time walking on grass, gravel, and/or sand. Outdoor events are not the time for sharp heeled stilettos! Heels can be difficult to manage in situations like this, especially if the ground is soft from dew or rain. Fortunately, there are several other outdoor wedding shoe options for you to consider. Keep the following shoe suggestions in mind as you make plans for your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.


Some brides have an extra pair of flats available to wear for dancing. Why not cut out the middle-shoe and go straight to comfort? Flat shoes are an ideal selection for outdoor weddings and are available in a number of colors and styles.


Thin heels may not be appropriate for an outdoor wedding, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with flats. Wedges have a larger surface area and can do quite well both inside and outside. Continue Reading →

Fun Edible Centerpieces for an Outdoor Wedding in King County

wedding centerpiece, edible centerpieceAre you planning an outdoor wedding in King County, Washington? Obviously, you have a lot to figure out about your upcoming special occasion. One important element is centerpiece selection. There are many generic options available, but why not opt for something unique? Edible centerpieces are becoming more and more popular among brides and grooms. Not only are they visually appealing, but they offer you and your guests something to snack on throughout the reception. Consider these possible edible centerpiece options for your upcoming outdoor wedding in King County!

Fruit Towers

Fruit towers are a great addition to any outdoor event, especially if warm weather is expected. Not only are they colorful and lovely to look at, but your guests will also adore having easy access to a sweet, healthy, and delicious treat.

Vegetable Tray

Fruit not your preference? You can do a vegetable tray instead! They also add a beautiful pop of color. You should also consider providing a variety of dipping sauces at each table. Continue Reading →

Tips for Finding the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Shoes in Snohomish

outdoor wedding shoesAre you planning an outdoor wedding in Snohomish, Washington? With so many elements to consider, selecting shoes probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. It is, however, an important factor that requires careful consideration. After all, you’re going to be on your feet all day long. Finding outdoor wedding shoes that are both functional and fitting for your special occasion can be difficult. Keep the following tips in mind as you begin searching for shoes for your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.

Start with the Dress/Tux

While planning your upcoming outdoor event, it’s important to start with the big elements and then move onto the smaller details. For outdoor weddings, that means picking your dress or tux first. This will help narrow down the options for shoes. Continue Reading →

Unique Themes for Your Outdoor Wedding in King County

outdoor wedding themeAre you making plans for your upcoming outdoor wedding in King County, Washington? There are a number of advantages to picking a theme for your wedding, including the ability to create a more cohesive aesthetic. Themes also help make your special occasion even more memorable! While a quick search online can help you find dozens of potential themes, not all of them are well-suited for outdoor events. Consider the following themes for your upcoming outdoor wedding in King County.

Masquerade Ball

Who doesn’t love a masquerade ball? Add allure to your outdoor event by asking your guests to bring and wear a unique mask. This is a particularly fun idea if you and your fiancé plan to get married around Halloween.


Another great option is a renaissance or medieval wedding. This theme is becoming increasingly popular. After all, weddings of days past have a lot in common with weddings today—there is a lot to eat and plenty of dancing! A couple of fun ways to incorporate this theme are to select period wedding attire and to hire a live minstrel. Continue Reading →

How to Encourage Guest Participation in Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

wedding guest participationAre you looking for fun ways to encourage guest participation at your upcoming outdoor wedding in Snohomish, Washington? While wedding guests will be happy just to receive an invitation to your big day, they’ll love having an opportunity to play a bigger role in your special occasion. Consider the following ways to get your guests more involved in your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.

Collaborative Recipe Book

Consider asking your guests to bring a copy of their favorite recipe to your outdoor wedding. Not only will you all enjoy a lovely outdoor event, but you’ll have meal ideas to try throughout the next year!

Relationship Suggestion Box

Another great way to increase guest participation at your outdoor wedding is to ask your friends and family for relationship suggestions. Ask each guest to write at least one suggestion. Your outdoor venue can help you find the perfect location for your box! Continue Reading →

Easy DIY Decorations for Outdoor Weddings in Snohomish

wedding decorationsAre you planning an outdoor wedding in Snohomish this summer? Don’t assume you have to buy all of your wedding decorations! DIY projects are fun, inexpensive, and provide an opportunity to get our wedding party together before your special occasion. Consider these easy DIY wedding decorations when making plans for your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.

Wooden Signs

One of the best DIY projects for outdoor weddings is wooden signs. These can be customized to suit your specific needs—use them to provide driving directions or seating information! You can also stain and paint them in colors to match your wedding theme. Wooden signs are the perfect addition to any outdoor event!

Fabric Flower Garland

Another stunning addition to outdoor weddings would be fabric flower garlands. You can choose fabric that matches your colors and drape these lovely garlands all over your outdoor venue.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are both beautiful and stylish. They can easily be made from real or faux flowers, and they make amazing centerpieces for tables. Alternatively, hang them on the backs of chairs. The biggest perk associated with making flower crowns for your outdoor wedding, however, is that you and your guests can wear them afterward! Continue Reading →

Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Under Budget in King County

Outdoor WeddingHave you decided to plan an outdoor wedding in King County, Washington? Weddings can be expensive, which is why it’s so important to establish a budget for your special occasion. To ensure your outdoor wedding doesn’t break the bank, keep these financial tips in mind as you finalize your plans in King County.

Be Flexible About Your Date

As you begin planning your outdoor wedding, keep your preferred date and time in mind … but don’t set your heart on them. Being flexible can save you a lot of money on your outdoor event!

Limit Your Guest List

Some outdoor venues and catering services charge per person in attendance, which means your bill can be hefty if you invite a lot of guests. To keep costs down, consider setting a limit to your outdoor wedding guest list.

Use DIY Decorations

DIY decorations are really becoming popular, especially for outdoor weddings. A rustic look can be quite stunning and you’ll save a lot of money by making your own decorations. Continue Reading →