Questions to Answer Before Choosing an Outdoor Venue Near King County

outdoor venue questionsAre you thinking about an outdoor area near King County for an upcoming event? This is a great idea for a number of special occasions especially when a lot of guests will be in attendance. Here are some outdoor venue questions to keep in mind during the planning process.

1. Will Weather Be a Problem?

Weather forecasts aren’t always accurate. This is why you need a backup plan in case undesirable weather like rain occurs. While going over the rental details, inquire whether the facility provides equipment like canopy tents.

2. Will There Be Power?

Most outdoor venues provide electric power. This is usually available in the form of portable generators or extension cords you can connect to nearby facilities. Confirm that the facility provides ample power. If the facility doesn’t have readily access to electricity, then you may have to provide your own generators. Continue Reading →

Importance of Flexible Wedding Planning When Booking Your Venue Near King County

flexible wedding planningDo you have plans for an upcoming wedding and are making preparations near King County? We recommend a flexible wedding planning process and be willing to make changes if certain preferences aren’t available. Here are several reasons why it’s beneficial to be flexible and willing to go with choices that may not be your initial preference.

1. Potential for Professional Suggestions

When you consult with your outdoor event venue representatives, have an open mind. As professional planners, they have a better idea of what does and doesn’t work for the venue setting. Trust their industry expertise and professional recommendations.

2. Increased Availability Options

Be flexible with the date options. When you only have one or two dates established, you limit yourself to venues that are vacant on those dates. Consider other dates, including weekdays when venues have more openings and availabilities. This may also increase venue options with more desirable rates.

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Allergies and Your Outdoor Wedding Near Snohomish

outdoor wedding allergiesAn outdoor wedding is a great way to tie the knot while also enjoying the company of mother nature in all of its glory. However, this can also pose a problem if you or any of the guests suffer from recurring allergies. The good news is that you can still have an outdoor venue. Here are some ways to address outdoor wedding allergies so your special occasion isn’t accompanied by a case of sniffles, coughing, and runny noses.

1. Speak with an Allergist

Speak with an allergist prior to the wedding date. A medical professional can provide advice and possibly prescription medication to keep your allergies at bay, at least temporarily.

2. Plan an Indoor Reception

You can consider holding the reception part of the ceremony indoors. If you review the rental details of our venues, you’ll see that the location also includes indoor facilities. This at least prevents allergies during the most important and formal part of the event. Continue Reading →

What to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Corporate Event Near King County

outdoor corporate eventAre you planning on hosting an outdoor corporate event for your company? Events are a great way to market your brand. It’s also a great way to celebrate milestones or recognize staff achievement. It’s certainly a great way to boost employee morale. It goes without saying that you want this special occasion to be a memorable moment for attendees. Here are some planning tips to think about as you organize your corporate function.

1. Know the Logistics

Address the logistics as soon as you can. This includes, for example, the venue rental rates, estimated number of guests, etc. Once you have the basic information sorted out, the rest of the planning becomes so much easier and more manageable. Continue Reading →

Retirement Party Planning Tips in Snohomish

retirement party planningRetirement party planning is something to do for a close loved one who is retiring after many decades in the workforce. Of course, the planning can be easier said than done especially if you never planned for a special occasion of this magnitude. Here are some tips to help you plan for a celebration with dozens to hundreds of guests in attendance. 

1. Set a Budget

Establish a budget early on. There are a lot of unforeseen costs, and it’s easy to go over budget. Make a list of costs, from venue rental rates to food. Once you have an estimated budget, add an additional 10% as a reserve for unforeseen costs that may arise. Continue Reading →

How to Plan an Outdoor Anniversary Party in King County

outdoor anniversaryDo you or a family member have an upcoming anniversary? Make the occasion extra special with an outdoor anniversary party. This is an occasion to remember and marks the union of two people sharing their lives together in eternal bliss. begin the process now by planning with an event organizer. Here are some tips when planning such a special occasion

1. Set the Date and Time

One of the first points to establish is a date and time for the event. It’s important to have a date set up early so guests can plan around the schedule and make travel plans. An important point to keep in mind is that the date doesn’t have to coincide exactly with the anniversary date. If it’s a weekend or two before or after, that’s perfectly fine.  Continue Reading →

Planning an Outdoor Birthday Party in Snohomish

Outdoor Birthday Party PlanningIs there an impending birthday for a family member or close friend? Consider organizing an outdoor birthday bash to make the special occasion memorable. To ensure everyone has a good time, there are some logistics to handle beforehand. Here are some outdoor birthday party planning tips to think about.

1. Have a Backup Plan

Even if you check the forecast, the weather can be unpredictable. It may end up raining cats and dogs when you anticipate a sunny day. This is why it’s important to have a plan B in the event something goes awry. A plan B may include setting up canopies or moving the celebration to a nearby indoor venue. Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask About Potential Outdoor Wedding Venues in King County

Outdoor Wedding Venue Questions

Is your wedding just months away? It’s an exciting time, but there’s a lot of stress as well, especially in regard to the planning. This may also include selecting a venue. A lot of questions may come up regarding a location’s viability. Here are some of the common outdoor wedding venue questions you should ask before finalizing the rental. This ensures you secure a venue that’s compatible with your special occasion.

1. What Dates Are Available?

It’s not unusual to find a venue that seems perfect, only to later discover all of your desired timeslots are booked. The first thing you should find out in your research is facility availability. If it’s not available on the dates you want, are you willing to settle for an alternative timeframe? Continue Reading →

Tips for Picking the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue in Snohomish

outdoor wedding venue

Are you and a significant other about to tie the knot? One of the biggest planning decisions is selecting an outdoor wedding venue in Snohomish. The venue alone will comprise a large part of the budgeting expenses, so the location is one facet you want to get right. You don’t want to select a venue simply because it’s the cheapest or because it has the right vacancy dates, though these are certainly factors to consider. Here are some tips for selecting a viable venue for your special occasion.

1. Make a Must-Have List

Organize with your wedding planner to create a list of items that are absolutely must-haves and order them according to priority. This may include a price range, scenery, occupant capacity, etc. This will help you narrow your options as you progress in your search. Continue Reading →

How to Make an Outdoor Winter Wedding Work in King County

outdoor winter weddingDo you have one of the winter months designated as your wedding day or special occasion? A winter wedding and ceremony are actually quite beneficial. However, there are some considerations to be mindful of especially when it comes to the planning phase. Here are some factors when organizing an outdoor winter wedding.

1. Select a Warmer Climate

If you love outdoor weddings and want a winter ceremony, it’s essential to select a fitting venue. Some regions have fairer and more forgiving winters. This will make the outdoor ceremony and/or reception more enjoyable for the guests and everyone involved. Continue Reading →