How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

outdoor wedding flowersAre you selecting flowers for your outdoor wedding? With a multitude of selections, it can be quite tricky when narrowing the choices. Worry not! There are ways to make this pivotal decision less cumbersome. Here are some tips to help you pin down the ideal outdoor wedding flowers for your special occasion.

1. Consider the Venue

One significant factor should be your outdoor venue. What flower types are native to the region? You can aim for native species or gravitate towards a completely different variety.

2. Think About Your Attire

Have you picked out your attire and other decorations? The attire and venue backdrop can influence your flower selection. The flowers can match the color of your dress and background decorations, or be an opposite color to provide some contrast. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Planning an Outdoor Wedding Reception in King County

Outdoor Wedding ReceptionYou’re about to tie the knot! While being engaged is a joyous time in of itself, you still have a lot of planning to do before your big day. We suggest an outdoor wedding reception due to the many benefits of an exterior setting. Learn how this is advantageous for both you and the many guests in attendance. 

1. Nature Provides Free Decor

A big perk of selecting an outdoor venue for your wedding is the availability of natural decorations. Having an outdoor reception means you can make full use of the natural serenity. Lakes, trees, shrubbery, and tranquil scenery automatically become part of your venue with no required setup.

2. Variable Lighting Options

Lighting is a huge element in any event. With an outdoor reception, you receive plenty of natural sunlight, even into the early evening hours. This is really beneficial if you’re aiming for a more sustainable event and wish to keep energy expenditure to a minimum.

3. Pre-Established Features Available

Wedding decorations can be pricey, but an outdoor event can help scale back the cost. Many outdoor venues provide elements that can make decorating simpler and more affordable. Foliage, fountains, decks, and trellises can be embellished without a whole lot of work.

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Benefits of a Snohomish Outdoor Wedding in the Summer

summer outdoor wedding benefitsAre you and your significant other contemplating plausible dates for your pending wedding? While every season has respective qualities, you want the one that’s most fitting for you, your guests, and what you have planned for your special occasion. The choice goes well beyond selecting between hot and cold weather. Here are some summer outdoor wedding benefits to consider.

1. More Consistent Weather Conditions

The top concern for any outdoor wedding ceremony is the weather. While you cannot guarantee ideal weather for your event, the summer does provide more stable conditions. Fall, winter, and spring months can be quite unpredictable with more abrupt weather changes during these seasons. Summer, however, does have more days of predictable weather. Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Stay Cool During Your Outdoor Wedding in King County

ove-3-2016Summer is an ideal season for planning an outdoor wedding; the sun is bright and the grass is lush; it’s such a good scenery for tying the knot. Of course, with the summer also comes the ensuing heat. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to keep your guests cool even when much of the ceremony and reception take place outdoors. You can absolutely have a summer wedding without your guests feeling like they’re baking under the sun.

1. Shift the Outdoor Wedding Time

Plan around peak temperatures. If possible, schedule the reception so it begins right as the sun goes down. This will bring the outdoor temperatures down by double digits.

2. Utilize Available Shade During the Wedding

If the outdoor venue provides natural shade, be sure to utilize it. Trees not only provide great backgrounds for photo ops but also serve as cover from the heat. Consider reserving these shaded areas for those prone to heatstroke. Continue Reading →

The Perfect Summer Month for a Northwest Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

Olympic View Estates

The weather is perfect for a summer outdoor wedding. It’s a good time of year to get married when the kids are off from school and guests can dress lightly for the occasion. The benefits of a summertime wedding are aplenty and is a great way to make this time of year an unforgettable one for you and the guests alike.

The Ideal Summer Month to Tie the Knot

June is typically the most popular month for weddings. July is popular as well, and demand tapers down a bit in August. Summer temperatures in the Pacific Northwest average around 69 degrees during this time of year. This can be a bit hot but by no means unbearable for an outdoor wedding. This is especially the case if the reception is held later in the day, just as the sun begins to set but with ample daylight remaining.

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Advantages of Having Your Outdoor Wedding and Reception at One Venue in Lynnwood

Outdoor WeddingAre you considering an outdoor wedding? You may have thought about having your wedding outdoors and then relocating the reception to an indoor setting. While this is understandable, there are multiple advantages of having the wedding and the reception in a single location. This is a matter to discuss in detail with your fiance and guests. Here are some outdoor wedding benefits to think about to help you make an informed decision.

1. Simplified Scheduling

Having a wedding and reception at two different locations can be difficult to plan. Finding two separate venues that are available on the same day can be quite difficult, especially during peak booking times. If you insist on two separate locations, then expect to move some dates and time slots around. A single outdoor venue for both the wedding and reception eliminates this problem and makes the scheduling so much more manageable.

2. Easy Transportation

If you decide on two separate locations, transportation can become an issue. Having guests drive for a second time after the wedding is a major hassle and time-consuming, not to mention some guests can get lost. Continue Reading →

3 Retirement Party Planning Tips in King County

Throw the Best Retirement Party | OVE Weddings & EventsDo you have a loved one or friend who will be retiring this year? A retirement party is an ideal way to help the retiree bid farewell to the workplace. Getting family, acquaintances, and co-workers together in one location to celebrate this special occasion, though, can be an immense undertaking. Here are three planning ideas to help you host an unforgettable retirement celebration.

1. Get Help

Don’t attempt to do all the planning without help. Organizing any event takes significant time and commitment, and retirement parties are more complex than other event types. This is why it’s a smart idea to have a small group of helping hands. Ask for assistance from at least one relative/friend and one co-worker to organize and coordinate appropriately.

2. Establish a Budget

Event planning can become pricey really quickly if you’re not mindful of your spending. Be sure you have a budget and don’t deviate from it even if plans change. Have a spending limit separated by category, such as food, entertainment, etc. Continue Reading →

Benefits of an Outdoor Birthday Party for Kids in Snohomish

Kids’ Outdoor Birthday PartiesIs your child’s birthday fast approaching? If you’re contemplating how to celebrate, kids’ outdoor birthday parties are a good idea. Invite friends and relatives for your special occasion in a happy get-together. Here are three awesome benefits of a celebration in an outdoor venue.

1. Beautiful Weather

An outdoor birthday party may be ideal if your child was born during the spring or summer when the weather is agreeable. In the modern era where kids spend far too much time on a tablet or smartphone, taking advantage of the great outdoors is a terrific way to appreciate the air and sunlight.

2. Wide Open Spaces

Outdoor venues are perfect for most gatherings, particularly when there is a lengthy guest list. Young children often want to invite dozens of friends over to their birthday parties. However, it may be difficult to accommodate large groups indoors, and it’s pricey to book larger facilities. In addition, having an outdoor birthday party provides an expanse of roaming space.

3. Gorgeous Setting

The great outdoors isn’t just a magnificent backdrop for weddings. As a parent, you want your children’s birthday to be unforgettable. You’ll likely want to snap dozens upon dozens of photos to capture the moment in time. Outdoor venues provide great photo ops due to the lighting and natural landscape.

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Perfect Colors for Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

Perfect Colors for Your Outdoor WeddingFirst, congrats on your recent engagement! You’ve likely figured out the immense magnitude of the planning that lies ahead. A major aspect is deciding which colors you want for your wedding. If the ceremony is outside, consider these outdoor wedding colors for the best visual aesthetics.

1. Yellow, Silver, and Grey

Do you have your wedding planned for fall or winter? If you reside in an area with a mild climate, outdoor ceremonies during cooler months can be a pleasant experience for everyone. Aim for yellow, silver, and grey for the primary colors. The yellow will especially stand out and contrast with the natural grey of the colder seasons.

2. Navy, Blue, and Yellow

Aiming towards summer or autumn for your big day? Here’s a terrific color combo for your outdoor wedding! Navy, blue, and yellow are great together and exude a cheery ambiance. Think boats and sailors galore!

3. Pale Green, White, and Black

Here’s another combination workable for outdoor venues, regardless of the season. Pale green, white, and black work just as nicely in the winter as they do during the summer. Black is a bold contrast to the more subtle white and green color schemes, making the background a stand-out focal piece. Continue Reading →

Tips for Planning a Winter Outdoor Wedding Near King County

Winter Outdoor WeddingHave you fantasized about getting married in the presence of fallen snow? A Winter Outdoor wedding can be complicated, but it’s possible to plan. If your mind is set, plan your special occasion the way you always envisioned—frosty weather and lots of snowflakes! Here are four ideas to ensure your guests have a blast in your wintery wonderland.

1. Inform Your Guests Early

If you’re planning a winter wedding in an outdoor venue, make sure you let your guests know your plans beforehand. Make suggestions for clothing and include a list of accommodations you’ll be providing (i.e. hot cocoa, blankets, and gloves).

2. Dress Appropriately

Clearly, the frigid weather will play a part in your choice of attire. The same goes for the celebration. Short, sleeveless dresses are likely out. It’s a wiser bet to select longer gowns that provide extra protection from the blowing winds. It may also be a bright idea to give the female guests matching shawls. Continue Reading →