An Outdoor Wedding Rain Plan in Snohomish: Why You Need One

outdoor wedding rain plan snohomishDespite planning every detail of an outdoor event, Mother Nature could still decide to grace your wedding with a little rain. And even though legend says this means good luck to the happy couple, having an outdoor wedding rain plan is the best way to make sure your big day still runs smoothly. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind Before Your Wedding

There’s always a risk of rainy weather when booking an outdoor event. If you have an alternate plan in place with a venue that’s experienced in providing the necessary amenities for wet weather, you can enjoy the run up to your wedding feeling calm that no matter what the day looks like, your ceremony and reception will still be beautiful.

Avoid Confusion on the Day of Your Wedding

When you work with an outdoor wedding venue, you can count on it having hosted rainy day events before. Ask about how they prepare the site and what your options are. Determine who makes the call on when the outdoor wedding rain plan is used and how much lead time is needed to make any set-up changes.

Prepare Guest-Friendly Amenities in Advance

Keep your guests comfortable by offering small considerations like umbrellas if there’s a chance that rain is in the forecast. Have some flip flops on hand for anyone wearing sandals or heels to change into. And add baskets stocked with toiletries so guests can feel refreshed after getting caught in the rain; suggestions include combs and makeup wipes.

Ready to Book a Beautiful Snohomish Event Where They Take Outdoor Wedding Rain Plans in Stride?

Olympic View Estates is a family-owned outdoor wedding venue that also welcomes celebrations of all kinds. Our naturally beautiful site is the perfect place for special occasions like business events, awards ceremonies, reunions and anniversary parties. With our years of experience, plenty of covered gathering space, and a network of preferred vendors that offer everything you need for an amazing day, we’re proud to offer you impeccable service in a heavenly location. Contact us today to schedule a convenient tour.

Our Outdoor Wedding Rain Plan Ensures Your Beautiful Wedding in Snohomish, No Matter What

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Posted on April 28, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business