Paying for Your Wedding Venue Rental in Snohomish: What You Can Typically Expect

wedding venue rentalThere’s no feeling of relief like finding your ideal wedding venue rental and setting a date for your celebration. Understanding the common payment requirements expected by many event venues helps you stay on track and avoid missing payments, jeopardizing your event. While every venue has its own policies, these are some common ones so you don’t go into the process completely unaware.

An Itemized Contract

Planning a wedding is a big commitment, and the day requires a lot of moving parts. Your event venue will usually include an itemized list of exactly what its services include, in addition to the terms of making payments towards the full rental cost. 

Deposit and Payment Schedule

Some venues require full payment up front once you select a date for your wedding celebration; others accept a deposit–usually 25-50%–with the remaining money due at least one month before your event. It is essential that you understand when payments are due and stick to it or risk losing your date.

Deposits May Not Be Refundable

When an event isn’t going to take place as expected, for any number of reasons, and you cancel the rental, you may not get your money back. This should be explained in your rental agreement but it’s always wise to keep in touch with your contact at the wedding venue when something like this happens so any questions can be answered promptly.

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