Questions to Answer Before Choosing an Outdoor Venue Near King County

outdoor venue questionsAre you thinking about an outdoor area near King County for an upcoming event? This is a great idea for a number of special occasions especially when a lot of guests will be in attendance. Here are some outdoor venue questions to keep in mind during the planning process.

1. Will Weather Be a Problem?

Weather forecasts aren’t always accurate. This is why you need a backup plan in case undesirable weather like rain occurs. While going over the rental details, inquire whether the facility provides equipment like canopy tents.

2. Will There Be Power?

Most outdoor venues provide electric power. This is usually available in the form of portable generators or extension cords you can connect to nearby facilities. Confirm that the facility provides ample power. If the facility doesn’t have readily access to electricity, then you may have to provide your own generators.

3. Are Bathrooms Available?

A major concern with outdoor venues is whether there are restrooms available nearby. Some outdoor venues may have a few portable restrooms on hand. However, you may have to rent a few additional units if you anticipate a large guest turnout.

4. How Will You Decorate?

Decorating the area may be a bit trickier since there aren’t walls and ceilings available. You can view our gallery for inspiration on how other guests have decorated our venue. We have tables, pergolas, and gazebos that you can decorate.

Have More Outdoor Venue Questions Near King County?

Are you searching for a venue near King County? Contact Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events in Snohomish for a tour of our outdoor area. If you have additional outdoor venue questions, feel free to ask our administrators. We’re confident you will find our venue suitable for your special occasion.

Outdoor Venue Questions Near King County

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