Retirement Party Planning Tips in Snohomish

retirement party planningRetirement party planning is something to do for a close loved one who is retiring after many decades in the workforce. Of course, the planning can be easier said than done especially if you never planned for a special occasion of this magnitude. Here are some tips to help you plan for a celebration with dozens to hundreds of guests in attendance. 

1. Set a Budget

Establish a budget early on. There are a lot of unforeseen costs, and it’s easy to go over budget. Make a list of costs, from venue rental rates to food. Once you have an estimated budget, add an additional 10% as a reserve for unforeseen costs that may arise.

2. Consider what the Retiree Wants

What you want may not be aligned with what the guest of honor wants. The event is for the person retiring, so he/she should have the final say. Take into consideration what this person would want in terms of the number of attendees, activities, food, etc. 

3. Give a Memorable Gift

The guest of honor should be presented with a gift during the event. Whatever item you choose, it should have sentimental value. Good ideas include a customized plaque or an engraved watch.

4. Find the Perfect Space

Find a suitable venue for the occasion. An outdoor venue especially works well because it provides plenty of open space for guests to interact and mingle. Whatever venue you choose, research the facility and inquire about rental details with the venue administrator.

Need a Venue for Your Retirement Party Planning in Snohomish?

Venue selection is one of the many steps of retirement party planning. Consider Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events as the location for the special event. Our setting is ideal for commemorating a relative or dear friend that’s retiring after many years in a dedicated career. 

Retirement Party Planning in Snohomish

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