Questions to Ask About Potential Outdoor Wedding Venues in King County

Outdoor Wedding Venue Questions

Is your wedding just months away? It’s an exciting time, but there’s a lot of stress as well, especially in regard to the planning. This may also include selecting a venue. A lot of questions may come up regarding a location’s viability. Here are some of the common outdoor wedding venue questions you should ask before finalizing the rental. This ensures you secure a venue that’s compatible with your special occasion.

1. What Dates Are Available?

It’s not unusual to find a venue that seems perfect, only to later discover all of your desired timeslots are booked. The first thing you should find out in your research is facility availability. If it’s not available on the dates you want, are you willing to settle for an alternative timeframe?

2. How Many Guests Can I Invite?

All venues have an occupancy limit, including outdoor venues. What’s your approximate number of guests, and does this number exceed or is close to exceeding the limit? You don’t want to curtail the number of guests due to occupancy limitations. Outdoor venues, on average, can accommodate far more people.

3. What Is Included in the Rental Fees?

The venue rental is likely the single largest overhead associated with wedding costs. With each venue you’re researching, determine the rates and what’s included in the fees. Does it include catering, janitorial, or hosting services? Does it also include items like audio-visual equipment, canopies, etc.?

Have More Outdoor Wedding Venue Questions in King County?

Are you still searching for the ideal venue for your big day? Contact OVE Weddings to schedule a tour and check out the venue for yourself. Use this time to ask any outdoor wedding venue questions you may have. Our administrators will be more than happy to provide additional rental details.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Questions in King County

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