Tips for Picking the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue in Snohomish

outdoor wedding venue

Are you and a significant other about to tie the knot? One of the biggest planning decisions is selecting an outdoor wedding venue in Snohomish. The venue alone will comprise a large part of the budgeting expenses, so the location is one facet you want to get right. You don’t want to select a venue simply because it’s the cheapest or because it has the right vacancy dates, though these are certainly factors to consider. Here are some tips for selecting a viable venue for your special occasion.

1. Make a Must-Have List

Organize with your wedding planner to create a list of items that are absolutely must-haves and order them according to priority. This may include a price range, scenery, occupant capacity, etc. This will help you narrow your options as you progress in your search.

2. Take Tours

Viewing potential venues through photos is a good start, but it doesn’t compare to taking a walking tour in person. You can also use the tour to ask the administrator any questions you may have. Bring your must-have list with you and checkmark each item that the venue satisfies. A tour may also help you add new items to the list.

3. Crunch the Numbers

Not all wedding venue spaces are created equal. Some may provide picturesque outdoor scenery but lack indoor spaces. In this instance, you may need to book a second venue for the reception. This can dramatically add to the cost. Add up the total cost associated with venue rental. Does it fit within your allotted budget?

Need an Outdoor Wedding Venue in Snohomish?

If you have yet to find the ideal outdoor wedding venue, then be sure to check out Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events in Snohomish. We’re confident our location may provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. Browse our site for rates and rental information.

Outdoor Wedding Venue in Snohomish

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