How to Make an Outdoor Winter Wedding Work in King County

outdoor winter weddingDo you have one of the winter months designated as your wedding day or special occasion? A winter wedding and ceremony are actually quite beneficial. However, there are some considerations to be mindful of especially when it comes to the planning phase. Here are some factors when organizing an outdoor winter wedding.

1. Select a Warmer Climate

If you love outdoor weddings and want a winter ceremony, it’s essential to select a fitting venue. Some regions have fairer and more forgiving winters. This will make the outdoor ceremony and/or reception more enjoyable for the guests and everyone involved.

2. Let Everyone Know

If the chosen location is known for frosty winters, then make sure all guests are aware of this. Some guests may be arriving from out of state and may not be familiar with the location’s chilly winters. Be sure to inform guests to dress warmly and in layers.

3. Provide Heating Options

Have some heating resources available. This may include scarves, shawls, and a few extra outerwear garments. You may also consider portable heating units or disposable hand warmers. Warm beverages like tea, coffee, and cocoa will also be much appreciated. A beverage section with a kettle will suffice nicely.

Planning an Outdoor Winter Wedding Near King County?

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Outdoor Winter Wedding Venue in King County

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