Picking Your Dream Outdoor Wedding Dress in Snohomish

outdoor wedding dress

Venue selection is a major part of wedding planning. However, have you already picked out an outdoor wedding dress that’s fitting with the venue’s backdrop? A gown suitable for the special occasion will really leave the guests in awe. Here is some advice for selecting the ideal dress.

1. Start with the Setting

What is the setting like? Is the venue in the middle of a lavish garden, a white sandy beach, etc.? Other factors to take into consideration include the decorations and theme. Once you have the venue details, you’ll be better able to narrow your dress selection.

2. Be Mindful of the Budget

Wedding gowns vary drastically in price. This will need to be part of your budget consideration. It’s ok to settle for a dress that’s more budget-friendly even if it’s not your first choice. Wedding planning is all about compromise and prioritizing based on a combination of your budget and preferences.

3. Forget About the Size

Focus on how the dress fits rather than its size alone. When it comes to gowns, if a dress a size smaller or larger fits you nicely, then go with it. You don’t need to limit your options based on a size number.

4. It’s Never too Early to Buy or Rent

Gown purchase and rental price fluctuates based on demand and time of year. If you find a good deal, then take advantage of it. A lot of people hold off on acquiring their dress until a few weeks out from the wedding date. There’s nothing wrong with getting the dress several months in advance if it means getting a good bargain.

Already have an Outdoor Wedding Dress in Snohomish?

We suggest picking out a venue before selecting your outdoor wedding dress. We can help with the former. Start by contacting Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events today. Get in touch for more venue rental details and to arrange a tour of what may possibly become your future wedding location.

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