Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Date in King County

outdoor wedding dateAre you in the midst of planning a wedding? One of the first things you need to do above all else is establish an outdoor wedding date for the special occasion. Finalizing a date isn’t as simple as marking a day on a calendar. There are multiple variables that go into the decision-making process, which we go over below.

1. Begin by Daydreaming

Begin by envisioning how you would want your ideal wedding day to be like. What is it like outside? Is it sunny and cloudy? Is there a full moon in the evening? These details will better help you pinpoint a date or range of dates.

2. Consider the Weather

To keep the guests comfortable, you don’t want to pick a date that falls at the peak of summer or winter. It’s best to aim for a time of year with mild weather. You may also want to avoid dates that have a high probability of rain.

3. Avoid Major Holidays

It’s certainly romantic to get married on major events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. However, these are dates when other people will also be hosting their own special occasion events. You would have to make arrangements months or even a whole year in advance to get these dates. A better alternative is to plan your wedding several days to weeks before or after major holidays.

4. Take Your Time

Don’t pick a date that’s just a few weeks out. Wedding planning takes time and having a narrow timeframe can add to the stress. Give yourself at least several months; there really is no need to hurry.

We Help You Determine the Ideal Outdoor Wedding Date in King County

Now that you’re aware of some of the factors in determining an outdoor wedding date, the next step is to find the perfect venue. Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events can assist you! We have years of hosting weddings and can make your big day a moment to remember. For rates and rental information, please browse our website. You can also phone us at (425)276-7897 for a consultation or to arrange a tour.

The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Date in King County

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