Benefits of Planning an Outdoor Wedding Reception in King County

Outdoor Wedding ReceptionYou’re about to tie the knot! While being engaged is a joyous time in of itself, you still have a lot of planning to do before your big day. We suggest an outdoor wedding reception due to the many benefits of an exterior setting. Learn how this is advantageous for both you and the many guests in attendance. 

1. Nature Provides Free Decor

A big perk of selecting an outdoor venue for your wedding is the availability of natural decorations. Having an outdoor reception means you can make full use of the natural serenity. Lakes, trees, shrubbery, and tranquil scenery automatically become part of your venue with no required setup.

2. Variable Lighting Options

Lighting is a huge element in any event. With an outdoor reception, you receive plenty of natural sunlight, even into the early evening hours. This is really beneficial if you’re aiming for a more sustainable event and wish to keep energy expenditure to a minimum.

3. Pre-Established Features Available

Wedding decorations can be pricey, but an outdoor event can help scale back the cost. Many outdoor venues provide elements that can make decorating simpler and more affordable. Foliage, fountains, decks, and trellises can be embellished without a whole lot of work.

4. Stunning Photo Opportunities

The outdoors provides the ideal scenery for any special event. Electing to have your wedding outside means photos and videos will be absolutely breathtaking. Poor lighting will also be less of an issue.

Book Your Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue in King County

Are you considering an outdoor wedding reception? Make Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events your venue of choice. Our location provides stunning scenery with creeks, waterfalls, and lots of greenery. Apart from weddings, our venue is also a popular choice for other event types, including birthdays and corporate functions. Look up our rates and rental information to learn more.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Reception in King County

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