Benefits of a Snohomish Outdoor Wedding in the Summer

summer outdoor wedding benefitsAre you and your significant other contemplating plausible dates for your pending wedding? While every season has respective qualities, you want the one that’s most fitting for you, your guests, and what you have planned for your special occasion. The choice goes well beyond selecting between hot and cold weather. Here are some summer outdoor wedding benefits to consider.

1. More Consistent Weather Conditions

The top concern for any outdoor wedding ceremony is the weather. While you cannot guarantee ideal weather for your event, the summer does provide more stable conditions. Fall, winter, and spring months can be quite unpredictable with more abrupt weather changes during these seasons. Summer, however, does have more days of predictable weather.

2. Larger Turnout

A perk of selecting an outdoor venue is that you don’t have to worry as much about seat limitations. Statistically, summertime weddings have a higher guest attendance. This is because kids are off from school and adults are more easily able to schedule time off from work or request an extended leave.

3. More Diverse Flower Selection

You can special order most varieties of flowers any time of the year. However, you may have to pay a higher cost if you select flowers out of season. Since a lot of flower types naturally bloom in the summer, you have an assortment of choices without having to pay premium fees.

Get the Summer Outdoor Wedding Benefits in Snohomish

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The Perfect Summer Outdoor Wedding Benefits in Snohomish

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