5 Ways to Stay Cool During Your Outdoor Wedding in King County

ove-3-2016Summer is an ideal season for planning an outdoor wedding; the sun is bright and the grass is lush; it’s such a good scenery for tying the knot. Of course, with the summer also comes the ensuing heat. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to keep your guests cool even when much of the ceremony and reception take place outdoors. You can absolutely have a summer wedding without your guests feeling like they’re baking under the sun.

1. Shift the Outdoor Wedding Time

Plan around peak temperatures. If possible, schedule the reception so it begins right as the sun goes down. This will bring the outdoor temperatures down by double digits.

2. Utilize Available Shade During the Wedding

If the outdoor venue provides natural shade, be sure to utilize it. Trees not only provide great backgrounds for photo ops but also serve as cover from the heat. Consider reserving these shaded areas for those prone to heatstroke.

3. Select the Appropriate Attire for Your Summer Wedding

A traditional tuxedo and wedding gown may not be ideal for summer temperatures. Consider alternatives with more breathable fabric. This will help you stay cool when walking down the aisle.

4. Announce a Heat-Friendly Dress Code

Make attire recommendations for your guests. Consider more informal attire, perhaps Hawaiian shirts, light dresses, straw hats, and flip-flops. 

5. Provide Cool Drinks

Provide icy beverages before and during the event. This way, everyone is well refreshed by the time the ceremony begins. Provide a variety of refreshments like icy water, sugar-free lemonade, and ice tea.

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