The Perfect Summer Month for a Northwest Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

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The weather is perfect for a summer outdoor wedding. It’s a good time of year to get married when the kids are off from school and guests can dress lightly for the occasion. The benefits of a summertime wedding are aplenty and is a great way to make this time of year an unforgettable one for you and the guests alike.

The Ideal Summer Month to Tie the Knot

June is typically the most popular month for weddings. July is popular as well, and demand tapers down a bit in August. Summer temperatures in the Pacific Northwest average around 69 degrees during this time of year. This can be a bit hot but by no means unbearable for an outdoor wedding. This is especially the case if the reception is held later in the day, just as the sun begins to set but with ample daylight remaining.

Why Get Married in the Summer?

There are more daylight hours in the summer. It can be 8:00 pm and still have some natural lighting outside. This means you and the guests can spend more time outside without having to rely on artificial light sources. This can prove to be an eco-friendly way to host your ceremony and reception. With the summer also comes various theme ideas, such as the 4th of July and summer solstice. You also have a number of food options like a barbecue or an outdoor picnic.

We Provide the Ideal Summer Outdoor Wedding Venue in Snohomish

Olympic View Estates is available for rent year-round and is especially a highly sought-after location for weddings and other special occasions. Various past guests have relied on our venue for their summer outdoor wedding, birthday parties, corporate functions, and more. Contact us today to learn about our rates or inquire about availability.

Summer Outdoor Wedding Venue in Snohomish

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