Advantages of Having Your Outdoor Wedding and Reception at One Venue in Lynnwood

Outdoor WeddingAre you considering an outdoor wedding? You may have thought about having your wedding outdoors and then relocating the reception to an indoor setting. While this is understandable, there are multiple advantages of having the wedding and the reception in a single location. This is a matter to discuss in detail with your fiance and guests. Here are some outdoor wedding benefits to think about to help you make an informed decision.

1. Simplified Scheduling

Having a wedding and reception at two different locations can be difficult to plan. Finding two separate venues that are available on the same day can be quite difficult, especially during peak booking times. If you insist on two separate locations, then expect to move some dates and time slots around. A single outdoor venue for both the wedding and reception eliminates this problem and makes the scheduling so much more manageable.

2. Easy Transportation

If you decide on two separate locations, transportation can become an issue. Having guests drive for a second time after the wedding is a major hassle and time-consuming, not to mention some guests can get lost.

3. Time Issues

A wedding and the reception together lasts an average of five hours, and some conclude an hour or two sooner. Keep in mind that the time spent driving to a second venue can eat into the time that can be spent celebrating and socializing.

Make Full Use of the Outdoor Wedding Benefits Around Lynnwood

Are you convinced about having the wedding and reception at a single venue? If so, we suggest booking a venue several months in advance. Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events provides the ideal setting with a spacious outdoor area. For rental information and our rates, browse our website to get the details or to schedule a tour.

Outdoor Wedding Benefits in Lynnwood

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