Perfect Colors for Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

Perfect Colors for Your Outdoor WeddingFirst, congrats on your recent engagement! You’ve likely figured out the immense magnitude of the planning that lies ahead. A major aspect is deciding which colors you want for your wedding. If the ceremony is outside, consider these outdoor wedding colors for the best visual aesthetics.

1. Yellow, Silver, and Grey

Do you have your wedding planned for fall or winter? If you reside in an area with a mild climate, outdoor ceremonies during cooler months can be a pleasant experience for everyone. Aim for yellow, silver, and grey for the primary colors. The yellow will especially stand out and contrast with the natural grey of the colder seasons.

2. Navy, Blue, and Yellow

Aiming towards summer or autumn for your big day? Here’s a terrific color combo for your outdoor wedding! Navy, blue, and yellow are great together and exude a cheery ambiance. Think boats and sailors galore!

3. Pale Green, White, and Black

Here’s another combination workable for outdoor venues, regardless of the season. Pale green, white, and black work just as nicely in the winter as they do during the summer. Black is a bold contrast to the more subtle white and green color schemes, making the background a stand-out focal piece.

4. Cinnamon, Beige, and Yellow

Prefer a more natural rustic color combo? Cinnamon, beige, and yellow can really work here. These color sets will bring autumn to life at your ceremony/reception and definitely leave your guests in amazement.

Select the Ideal Outdoor Wedding Colors in Snohomish

Have you identified your perfect outdoor wedding colors and are ready to secure an event venue? Olympic View Estates Weddings & Events just might be the location you’ve been seeking! We are eager to learn about your plans. We’ll do what we can to make your dream wedding a reality. To learn more about our rates and rental info, browse our website or call (425)276-7897 to arrange a walking tour.

Picking the Ideal Outdoor Wedding Colors in Snohomish

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