Tips for Planning a Winter Outdoor Wedding Near King County

Winter Outdoor WeddingHave you fantasized about getting married in the presence of fallen snow? A Winter Outdoor wedding can be complicated, but it’s possible to plan. If your mind is set, plan your special occasion the way you always envisioned—frosty weather and lots of snowflakes! Here are four ideas to ensure your guests have a blast in your wintery wonderland.

1. Inform Your Guests Early

If you’re planning a winter wedding in an outdoor venue, make sure you let your guests know your plans beforehand. Make suggestions for clothing and include a list of accommodations you’ll be providing (i.e. hot cocoa, blankets, and gloves).

2. Dress Appropriately

Clearly, the frigid weather will play a part in your choice of attire. The same goes for the celebration. Short, sleeveless dresses are likely out. It’s a wiser bet to select longer gowns that provide extra protection from the blowing winds. It may also be a bright idea to give the female guests matching shawls.

3. Supply Heaters and/or Blankets

There’s a reason most couples opt to have their wedding in the summer; it’s chilly in the winter! While you may not be bothered by the cold that much, be mindful that your guests might think otherwise. Be sure you have ample space heaters and blankets on hand for those partaking in the ceremony.

4. Serve Warm Beverages

Another way to counteract the chilly weather is to provide hot beverages to the attendees. Consider incorporating hot chocolate, cider, and tea to the beverage selection. This minor modification could make a positive impact for your guests.

Set on a Winter Outdoor Wedding?

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