Ask Your Outdoor Wedding Venue about the Bridal Dressing Room in Lake Stevens

Bridal CottageYour wedding venue is more than the place where you’ll get married; it’s potentially where you’ll get ready to be married as well. While you want the setting for your ceremony and reception to be unforgettable, it’s also important that you and your bridesmaids are comfortable while making preparations. That’s why it’s important to ask your outdoor wedding venue the right questions about the bridal dressing room.

1. Is There a Place for You to Prepare?

It may surprise you how many venues don’t provide a bridal dressing room. If your chosen venue happens to be one of these, don’t get discouraged. You can always get ready at a separate location and relocate just before the ceremony.

2. Does the Bridal Dressing Room Have Air-Conditioning and Heat?

This may seem obvious, but some special occasion venues don’t provide heat and air in their dressing room. Be sure to ask this question before booking; otherwise, you and your bridesmaids may be in for a blistering hot or chillingly cold day.

3. Is There Ample Space? 

Bridal CottageBridal dressing rooms and cottages vary in size. In some cases, there’s room only for the bride-to-be, and the bridesmaids will need to get ready elsewhere. If you want dressing to be a social activity, a petite dressing room simply won’t cut it. 

4. Can You Leave Personal Items There During the Ceremony?

Some outdoor wedding venues provide a spot to get ready, but be sure to secure the door during and after the ceremony. Know whether you and your girls are permitted to leave your personal belongings securely in the space during the ceremony and reception.

Our Venue Includes a Bridal Dressing Room

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The Bridal Cottage to Meet All Your Pre-Ceremony Needs

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