Find the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Arch Around King County

An outdoor wedding arch is a really important focal piece for any wedding, but deciding on the perfect oneOVE-4 for your ceremony can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider, and you want to be certain you get it right because it will appear in the background in the hundreds of photos that will be taken. Here are a few helpful tips to find the ideal arch for your outdoor wedding.

1. Keep the Setting in Mind

Where is the wedding taking place? It’s often best to select an arch that matches the venue’s theme. Seashells and sand don’t exactly fit with green grass and trees. Use the natural beauty of your venue to decide on an appropriate arch for your ceremony.

2. Decide on the Mood 

Think about the purpose your arch is intended to serve. Do you want your arch to be beautiful, but not so lavish that it becomes a distraction? Or do you want your arch to make a statement that leaves your guests in awe? It’s important to select an arch that fits your personality and sets the right tone for the occasion.

3. Include the Surrounding Flowers

If you’re getting married at a venue that already has plentiful of flowers on the property, it’s smart to use similar ones for your arch. This will help meld the setting together and ensures the flowers you select won’t look out of place.

4. Match Your Colors

Again, the arch will appear in most of your wedding photos. It’s important to choose colors that won’t draw attention away from you on your big day. Refrain from severe tones and aim for softer colors that complement what you and the guests are wearing.

5. Remember Your Budget

Looking at wedding galleries online can provide some inspiration, but don’t get too carried away. It’s important to remember that building or buying your arch costs money, so make sure it’s within budget. You can cut costs by asking a handy friend or relative to build your arch for you.

The Ideal Outdoor Wedding Venue Around King County

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