4 Must-Remember Tips for Outdoor Weddings

oveIf you’ve been to an outdoor wedding, you know it’s breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly memorable for everyone involved. When you’re planning such an event, you may find there’s more to it than hoisting up a tent, arranging some chairs, and waiting for the guests to arrive. The outdoors can wreak havoc with your plans if you’re not prepared. Here are four outdoor wedding tips for your special day.

1. Think about Comfort

If you’re planning a winter wedding, speak with your venue about space heaters or consider bringing some of your own portable units. By contrast, if your wedding is set for July, you may want to provide guests with handheld fans and/or sunscreen as party favors.

2. Dress for the Occasion

Obviously, you’ll be dressed for your big day! But does your tux or gown really fit the season? It’s easy to select a season-appropriate wardrobe for your wedding party, but you can also use accessories to your advantage. Consider whether shawls, umbrellas, or gloves would add class and function to your attire.

3. Have a Plan B

You’ll probably discuss alternative options with your vendor in case of bad weather, but it’s never a bad idea to do some extra preparation yourself. Is there an updo you could have on standby in case it’s windier than expected or a jacket you could bring for colder weather?

4. Coordinate with the Photographer

Before setting your heart on a specific wedding day, make sure you speak with your photographer about the ideal time for photographs. Depending on the time of year, there will be better times for photos based on the lighting. Ask your photographer for advice to ensure you receive the stunning images and footage you deserve!

Follow These Outdoor Wedding Tips for an Unforgettable Day

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