Outdoor Weddings – A Grand Soiree Under the Sky

outdoor weddings

Delivering the Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

Picture this: a beautiful bride in a lavish white gown that trails behind. She marches to the altar under an open sky of fluffy clouds shining white in the light of the radiant sun. Visitors are seated comfortably on perfect rows of white wicker chairs. Surrounded by lush greenery and decorative landscaping, the groom awaits with bated breath. The family and friends gathered turn to admire the star of the show – the bride – making her way down the aisle. The whole scene is the very epitome of an outdoor wedding.

Now, imagine if the bride was you.

The day feels flawless like a dream with the weather cooperating with you on your special moment. No walls, no ceilings, no physical barriers to barricade you from experiencing optimal bliss or to contain the joy of the event. Everything is out in the open.

Is an Outdoor Wedding For You?

Some brides choose to stay indoors for many reasons, mainly due to privacy concerns. However, outdoor venues offer intimacy as well, and a whole lot more. Here are the advantages of an outdoor wedding:

  1. There’s a romantic atmosphere brought about by the open air. Weddings with a view, such as a garden, sunset, or a sandy beach provide a remarkable and truly unforgettable memory. Nature creates a lovely backdrop for your special occasion, with the touch of the wind and the kiss of the sun to complement the ceremony. It’s important, though, to check the weather forecast before selecting an outdoor venue. Also, make sure the location has an indoor area in case the weather abruptly turns sour.
  2. You can freely utilize large wedding facilities without being cramped. The great thing about an outdoor wedding is that there are no walls to confine you. Planners can place stages, flowers, tables, chairs, and decor to beautify the area. A solemn wedding can immediately be transformed into a glamorous outdoor party wherein you and your guests can celebrate without limits.
  3. There’s a lot of effort put in the venue, but it’s all worth it. Sure, there is furniture to be placed, food to be delivered, and seating placements to be arranged. However, with the embrace of nature and the pristine climate, it’s a pursuit that’s well rewarded for everyone involved. 

Choose OVE Weddings for an Outdoor Wedding Venue

OVE Weddings provides beautiful outdoor venues for your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding. Our space caters to large-scale events with a high turnout. The décor has a classic, timeless appeal. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, and we have a large indoor area that can be set up to host the celebration if it rains unexpectedly. Aside from outdoor weddings, our location is also ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate functions, and other special events.

Beautiful Outdoor Weddings in Snohomish, Washington

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