Common Outdoor Wedding Attire Complaints from Bridesmaids in King County

outdoor wedding attire, bridesmaid attire, bridesmaid dressAre you planning an outdoor wedding in King County, Washington? Every bride should take her bridesmaids’ attire preferences seriously, but this is especially true for outdoor events. Because you and your party will be out in the elements, you should take great care when selecting dresses for your girls. To help, keep the following common dress complaints from bridesmaids in mind as you plan your outdoor wedding in King County.

It’s the Wrong Style

The number one complaint from bridesmaids about their attire is that they are not the right style. Every woman has a slightly different build, which means that some dress styles suit them better than others. As a result, many brides let their girls select varying styles of a similar dress for their outdoor wedding.

It’s Uncomfortable

Comfort is everything during an outdoor wedding. Your bridesmaids will be wearing their dresses for hours; if you opt for morning/afternoon photos, they might have it on all day! Keep their comfort in mind when picking attire.

It Doesn’t Fit the Season

Similarly, you need to consider the season during which your outdoor wedding is taking place. Short dresses are not ideal for winter weddings! Also keep your outdoor wedding venue in mind as you select shoes for your event.

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