How to Encourage Guest Participation in Your Outdoor Wedding in Snohomish

wedding guest participationAre you looking for fun ways to encourage guest participation at your upcoming outdoor wedding in Snohomish, Washington? While wedding guests will be happy just to receive an invitation to your big day, they’ll love having an opportunity to play a bigger role in your special occasion. Consider the following ways to get your guests more involved in your outdoor wedding in Snohomish.

Collaborative Recipe Book

Consider asking your guests to bring a copy of their favorite recipe to your outdoor wedding. Not only will you all enjoy a lovely outdoor event, but you’ll have meal ideas to try throughout the next year!

Relationship Suggestion Box

Another great way to increase guest participation at your outdoor wedding is to ask your friends and family for relationship suggestions. Ask each guest to write at least one suggestion. Your outdoor venue can help you find the perfect location for your box!

Interactive Guest Book

Having your guests sign a book is traditional and it’s easy to personalize this activity for your outdoor wedding. Consider having guests sign quilting pieces, Jenga blocks, or an adventure globe instead.

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