Questions to Answer Before Choosing an Outdoor Venue in King County

outdoor venue questionsAre you considering an outdoor venue for an upcoming event? Outdoor venues are a great option for large special occasions, but there are a few factors you should consider before committing to one. Keep the following questions in mind as you begin planning your event at an outdoor venue in King County.

1. Will weather be a problem?

Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate when you want her to. Make sure your outdoor venue has contingency plan options in case of sudden changes in weather. While reviewing rental details, ask if they have enough covered areas and paved walkways for rainy days.

2. Will there be power?

Most people expect to have electricity available when planning an event, but some outdoor venues don’t have this amenity available. Make sure to ask if electricity is available, as well as how accessible it is. Otherwise, you may need to plan to rent generators for your event instead.

3. Are bathrooms available?

An obvious concern when booking an outdoor venue is where the facilities are located. If there are none on-site, then you’ll need to hire portable facilities and hand-washing stations.

4. How will you decorate?

Without walls and ceilings, it’s a bit more difficult to properly decorate for your outdoor event. Check with your outdoor venue if you’re having trouble coming up with decoration ideas. If they regularly host outdoor weddings, they may have some great decorative suggestions.

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