Picking Your Dream Outdoor Wedding Dress

outdoor wedding dressHave you already decided that an outdoor wedding is right for you? Now it’s time to focus on finding the perfect dress for your special occasion. Choosing attire for your outdoor wedding can be daunting, but don’t give up! Here are several great tips to help you pick the dress of your dreams.

1. Start with Your Setting

When you begin looking at dresses, it’s important that you remember the setting you’ve selected for your outdoor wedding. What season will it be and what time of day will the ceremony take place? Will you be on the beach or in a field? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine the length, style, and material that will be most appropriate.

2. Remember Your Budget

Regardless of where your outdoor venue is located, always keep your budget in mind. It may be tempting to try on a dress that costs more than you originally planned. Avoid doing this if at all possible. You should be able to find a beautiful dress within the budget you have already set.

3. Forget about the Size

It can be easy to fixate on the size of the dresses you’re trying on. Don’t let size get you flustered; focus instead on the way the dresses fit you. Some items will be made differently than others. If a dress that is technically a size smaller or larger than you normally wear fits, wear it!

4. It’s Never too Early to Buy

You may try dresses on several times before finding the perfect one for your outdoor wedding, but don’t put off purchasing it once you’ve found it. Styles change, items go out of stock, and some dresses are seasonal or discontinued by the manufacturer. Once you’ve found the right dress, order it as soon as possible.

Don’t Have Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Booked Yet?

It’s always a good idea to pick your outdoor wedding venue before buying your dress. If you’re still undecided about a venue, contact Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events today! For rates and rental information, visit our website or call (425)276-7897 for a touring schedule.

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