Benefits of an Outdoor Wedding in the Summer

summer outdoor wedding benefitsAre you and your honey considering various dates for your upcoming outdoor wedding? While every season has unique qualities, you’ll want the one that suits you and what you have in mind for your special occasion best. The decision goes far beyond choosing between warm and cold weather. Here are several benefits of an outdoor wedding scheduled during the summer.

1. More Consistent Weather Conditions

The number one concern for any couple planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception is the weather. While you can never guarantee perfect weather for your event, the summer does offer more stable conditions. Fall, winter, and spring months can be extremely unpredictable and there are far more “fluke” weather events during these times. Summer, on the other hand, does usually offer more good days than bad.

2. Larger Turnout

One aspect of choosing an outdoor venue for your wedding is that you can invite more guests. Inviting all of your friends and family doesn’t mean much, however, if only a few of them can attend! Statistically, summer weddings tend to have higher guest turnouts. This is because it’s often easier to get time off for traveling during the summer months. Also, there are fewer concerns regarding weather-related delays.

3. Better Flower Selection

You can special order most types of flowers year-round. However, you may have to pay a lot more for them if your top choice is out of season. If you know the flowers you want at your wedding bloom in the summer, then it’s a good idea to plan your date accordingly.

Still Need an Outdoor Wedding Venue for Your Summer Event?

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Edited by Justin Vorhees

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