Benefits of Planning an Outdoor Wedding Reception

Outdoor Wedding ReceptionYou’re getting married! While being engaged is exciting all by itself, as a bride-to-be you’ve still got a lot of work to do before walking down that aisle. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed; start marking tasks off your to-do list as soon as possible. When it comes to planning your special occasion, consider choosing an outdoor wedding reception venue. Outdoor receptions can make your big day easier and more comfortable. Here’s how!

1. Nature Provides Free Decorations

One of the very best benefits of choosing an outdoor venue for your reception is the availability of free decorations. Having your reception outside means you can take advantage of the natural beauty of the outdoors. Streams, lakes, trees, and gorgeous views automatically become part of your reception, no set-up required.

2. Variable Lighting Options

Have you always imagined celebrating your marriage with friends and family as the sun sets? Or maybe you love lots of bright, natural light? You can have exactly what you want with an outdoor reception. Visit your outdoor venue at various times of day to find the perfect lighting option or your event.

3. Pre-Established Features Available

Wedding decorations can be expensive, but you can cut back on the costs by choosing an outdoor reception. Many outdoor venues offer features that can make decorating easier and less expensive. Trees, fountains, gazebos, and bushes can be embellished minimally and still make a big statement.

4. Stunning Photo Opportunities

The outdoors makes a perfect backdrop for any special occasion. Choosing to have your reception outside means your wedding photos will be absolutely stunning.

Ready to Book Your Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue?

Think an outdoor wedding reception would be a perfect addition to your wedding plans? Visit the beautiful outdoor venue at Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events. You’re sure to be impressed with our running creek and waterfall, as well as pastoral and mountain views. Our estate offers the backdrop for any celebration, including weddings, receptions, birthdays, corporate events, and retirement parties. View our rates and rental information online, or schedule a visit with us by calling (425)276-7897.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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