5 Amazing Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

OVE-6Are you and your significant other planning an outdoor wedding? To beat the heat during summer months, many couples schedule their ceremonies and receptions for evening hours. Not only does this help the wedding party and guests stay cool, it also offers great opportunity for lighted decorations. Haven’t given lighting much thought yet? Here are five great outdoor wedding lighting ideas you simply must consider!

1. Candle or Luminary Walkways

Every outdoor venue is different, but it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be walkways of some kind. One great way to impress guests as they arrive is to literally light the way to their seats and reception area with candles or luminaries. If your ceremony takes place at night, consider placing similar lights along the isle as well.

2. Hanging Lanterns

If you’d prefer hanging lights, you can opt for lanterns strung up in the trees, canopy top, or barn beams. Choose either a structured or sporadic hanging pattern to suit your style.

3. Wrapped Trees

Are there trees scattered around your wedding venue? If so, consider wrapping strings of white lights around the trunk and lower branches. This has a stunning effect and helps light up the entire reception area.

4. Lit Wicker Balls

Worried lighting wires and fixtures might look ugly leading up to your evening reception? Consider hiding the lights in wicker balls. They look nice during the day and you can turn on the twinkle lights when the sun goes down.

5. Glowing Tables

One way to light up the night is to put strings of lights under tables. This is particularly effective if you’re using white tablecloths; the tables will literally glow! Make sure you speak with your outdoor venue to see if this is a service they already plan to provide.

Talk to Your Outdoor Wedding Venue about Lighting Options

Have some sparkly lighting plans for your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception? Make sure you talk to your venue about them ahead of time. Olympic Views Estates Weddings & Events can help you plan the perfect day! For rates, rental information, or to schedule a tour, visit our website today. Ready to book? Contact us at (425) 276-7897 today to speak with a representative about your perfect outdoor wedding and evening reception.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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