5 Ways to Stay Cool During Your Outdoor Wedding

ove-3-2016Summer is a beautiful time to plan an outdoor wedding; the sun is shining, the grass is green, and there’s simply not a better backdrop for your big day. In the “heat” of the moment, it can be easy to forget how hot summers can be, however, and you don’t want your guests and party members uncomfortable during the ceremony. And you definitely don’t want you and your honey uncomfortable either. Luckily, there are several ways to beat the heat so you can still book the outdoor venue of your dreams. Here are five excellent ways to stay cool during your outdoor wedding this summer.

1. Move Your Outdoor Wedding Time

One of the best ways to avoid the heat of summer is to plan around it. If able, work with your planner to schedule your ceremony later in the day. You can also opt for an evening ceremony if you’re in a particularly warm area.

2. Utilize Available Shade during Your Outdoor Wedding

If your outdoor venue provides natural cover, make sure you’re taking advantage of it! Trees can be lovely backdrops for pictures and provide much needed shade during both your ceremony and reception.

3. Select the Right Attire for Your Outdoor Wedding

It can easy to fall in love with a particular dress or tux for both you and your party members, but make sure you consider the heat before making your final decision. It may be better to opt for breathable fabric to help you all stay cool.

4. Announce a Heat-Friendly Dress Code for Your Outdoor Wedding

Remind your guests about the potential heat as well. Adding a small note about attire in the invitation or on the reservation card can go a long way towards helping your friends and family stay cool too.

5. Provide Cool Drinks Before Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Many people plan for drinks during the reception, but you should provide a drink station before the ceremony as well. Offering cool drinks, like ice water and lemonade, not only keeps you and your guests hydrated, but will fend off the heat.

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